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Certification ISO 22000
The ISO 22000 is a natural extension of our quality culture. This certification is not an aim in itself, but a means which denotes our commitment in favour of our customers
Researches & Development
A team of qualified engineers supervised by an international expert in agri-food industry.
This team’s mission is the continuous improvement of the existing products and development of new products.
Agri-food Activity \ First processing


Stifen Industry uses the quick-freezing in IQF. Its equipments, at the leading edge of technology, ensure a high quality processing and guarantee the respect of nutritive values and products


Stifen industry maintains a close relationship with the supplying-farmers selected in order to command the whole production line, to secure its supplies and to guarantee the quality of its products.

Stifen selects the suitable varieties to the deep-freezing and processes them according to the customers'specifications.

Camarosa strawberry is in the lead followed by apricot, peach, apple, pear, mandarin, orange, melon, fig...

Stifen Industry products are mainly for agri-food industry operators. Our products policy lies on the permanent follow-up of the market trends. Those products may be declined and adapted to other applications according to the customers specifications.

Stifen Industry supplies fruits processors as well as dairy producers, fruit juice manufacturers and also patisseries and ice cream producers.

Deep-frozen fruits are conditioned in packaging suitable to the agri-food industry, then they are palletized and stored integrated negative cold rooms at -24°C.


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