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Certification ISO 22000
The ISO 22000 is a natural extension of our quality culture. This certification is not an aim in itself, but a means which denotes our commitment in favour of our customers
Researches & Development
A team of qualified engineers supervised by an international expert in agri-food industry.
This team’s mission is the continuous improvement of the existing products and development of new products.
The company \ Presentation and history
Founded in 1994, Stifen is located in the region of Korba in the heart of the Cap Bon. Its geographic position in the north-eastern of Tunisia, along the coastal strip of the Mediterranean littoral allows it to benefit from a fertile soil and from a mild and sunny climate.
In 2001, Stifen started the first processing of fruits into deep-frozen goods by setting up an industrial unit on the same site than a second processing unit (set up in 2002).
Thanks to its success in Tunisia and always caring about a positioning close to its customers while having access to a wide range of raw material, Stifen opens in Egypt in 2007 for the first and second processing.

 In 1994 : “Stifen” company is set up by Elloumi Group and is specialized in agricultural production. Stifen is today the first Tunisian strawberries producer with 30% of the whole production

 In 2001 : “Stifen Industry”, specialized in the first processing of fruits and vegetables, is created through the setting of an industrial unit of IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) near by the farm Stifen.

 Stifen Industry is certified ISO 22000 and is a deep-frozen fruits supplier approved by DANONE INTERNATIONAL.

 In 2002 : Setting up of Frulact Tunisia which became in 2007 “Stifen Fruit” and which is specialized in fruits preparation (2nd processing) essentially for dairy industry.

In 2006 : Stifen Group internationalization by the setting up of Stifen Egypt which is specialized in deep-frozen and fruits processing. This integration had become necessary in view of the development level of Stifen Group and its technological capacities coming from the best practices of the industrial pole of Elloumi Group to which it belongs.

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